Peak Equipment is committed to supplying high-quality, innovative and safe farming and forestry machinery. Making hard work easier.

Through extensive market research, Peak Equipment has built worldwide relationships with companies that have been manufacturing high-quality farming and forestry equipment for over 50 years.

Once we understand your business requirements, we source the best solution internationally, deliver it to your door and back it up with friendly after-sales service from people who have walked in your shoes.

We partner with you and work tirelessly to find the best solution to help optimise your profits.

The dedicated team at Peak Equipment supply and service both the New Zealand and Australian regions.

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Why Should You Burn Clean, Dry Firewood?

When it comes to firewood, there are a few important qualities of the wood and the way it burns to keep in mind. Some of these include the amount of heat given, the length of time the wood burns for, and the smoke that comes off it. While the type and species of the wood has a lot to do with how it… Read more