Why Should You Burn Clean, Dry Firewood?

When it comes to firewood, there are a few important qualities of the wood and the way it burns to keep in mind. Some of these include the amount of heat given, the length of time the wood burns for, and the smoke that comes off it. While the type and species of the wood has a lot to do with how it burns, there are other factors that apply to all wood; the moisture levels and how clean the wood is. How does moisture affect wood burning? Wet wood burns much less effectively than dry wood. Read more

Cone Splitters that Cut Down Inefficiencies

Cone Splitters that cut down inefficiencies … Cone splitters are probably the best tool for splitting large timber with a compact design. They are adaptable and able to fit onto a large range of machines like cranes, excavators, and backhoes. This means you don’t have to invest in new industrial equipment in order to get commercial-grade wood splitting and hole drilling capabilities. At Peak Equipment, we stock cone splitters made by Black Splitter including the powerful SBX range. Why do you… Read more

Saw Blade vs Chainsaw Firewood Processors

We recently talked about the many options we have for firewood processors in our blog, Firewood Processing to Simplify your Workload. You may have noticed that we stock Posch brand firewood processors and that some of our processors use saw blades instead of chainsaws, the other popular choice in the market. Chainsaws and saw blades have their own advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the right option for you depends on your needs, outputs, and budget. Chainsaw Firewood Processors … While… Read more

Firewood Processing to Simplify your Workload

When it comes to processing firewood to get ready for sale, having the right equipment may be the single biggest factor for job ease and efficiency. At Peak Equipment, our inventory includes some of the top firewood equipment by Posch including splitters, saws, processors, and other equipment like bundlers, conveyors, and much more. Firewood Splitters … For our firewood splitters, we have several different models depending on your operation size and output goals. The Posch AutoSplit 250 has a… Read more

Testimonial - Manuka Firewood Products

Nothing was too much trouble … We are Manuka Firewood Products LTD situated Cambridge, New Zealand. We’ve been in the Firewood business for over 25 years supplying Cambridge and surrounding districts with quality dry firewood. During that time, we’ve had several Firewood Processors which served us very well. We felt it was time to simplify our lives as we were not getting any younger—we came across the Posch website and saw the Spaltfix K650 Vario wood processor working (which Peak Equipment… Read more