Cone Splitters that Cut Down Inefficiencies

Cone Splitters that cut down inefficiencies

Cone splitters are probably the best tool for splitting large timber with a compact design. They are adaptable and able to fit onto a large range of machines like cranes, excavators, and backhoes. This means you don’t have to invest in new industrial equipment in order to get commercial-grade wood splitting and hole drilling capabilities. At Peak Equipment, we stock cone splitters made by Black Splitter including the powerful SBX range.

Why do you use Black Splitter Brand?

A collection of Black Splitter AccessoriesA collection of Black Splitter AccessoriesAfter searching suppliers around the world for the best cone splitters, we settled on Black Splitter, a brand based in Germany. We found that Black Splitter had the most robust durability and best quality, able to split wood better and more effectively than the competition. They are also a forward-thinking company, using the same attachment type for all of their accessories so that you can swap them out with ease.

These accessories add additional functionality to the cone splitter and can significantly speed up your job by combing multiple processes at once. Stump grinder blades come in sizes ranging from 300mm-500mm and are replaceable. The screening basket makes processes like sieving soil and washing gravel a breeze, and the Auger adapter allows you to use the power of the cone splitter to turn an auger screw. We have several other accessories along with add-on kits like the timber grab with rotator to help make your work easier.

What cone splitters do you carry?

We’ve chosen cone splitters that we think are the best fit for the New Zealand market. The Black Splitter S2 weighs in at 128 kg with a max torque of 4020m. It splits through many types of timber with ease and works in all weather conditions. But for the biggest and toughest jobs, you’ll want to consider the Black Splitter SBX range, which may just be the most powerful cone splitter on the market today.

The Black Splitter SBX Series

Made from chromium steel with quadruple helical threads and weighing in at 635 KG, the Black Splitter SBX is simple to mount on all excavators. With a max torque of 30000 NM, the SBX connects to a hydraulic system to make quick work out of extreme timber.

But if that doesn’t seem like enough power, the recently-released SBXX will surely do the trick. The SBXX takes the power of the SBX and effectively doubles it. The maximum torque is increased to an incredible 60,000 nm for the most difficult, challenging jobs. It has a weight of 890 kg and works with a hydraulic motor using a planetary gear system. If you think you have an obstacle that’s too tough for a cone splitter to handle, you haven’t tried the SBXX yet!

Which cone splitter is right for me?The Black Splitter SBX Series Cone SplitterThe Black Splitter SBX Series Cone Splitter

With several different cone splitters available, you may be wondering which one is best for you. We can help you with that. If you give us a call, we can talk with you about your needs, the equipment you have, and what would be the best fit for the types of jobs you do or plan on doing. We’ll help you get sorted with what you need and are always available for help, questions, and advice about cone splitters and our other products, so get in touch whenever you need us.