Firewood Processing to Simplify your Workload

When it comes to processing firewood to get ready for sale, having the right equipment may be the single biggest factor for job ease and efficiency. At Peak Equipment, our inventory includes some of the top firewood equipment by Posch including splitters, saws, processors, and other equipment like bundlers, conveyors, and much more.

Firewood Splitters

For our firewood splitters, we have several different models depending on your operation size and output goals. The Posch AutoSplit 250 has a 3-second splitting process with a variable speed conveyor system that can produce both kindling or firewood at up to 100 bags per hour. It’s big brother, the AutoSplit 350, has twice the splitting power that can handle even the toughest timber in NZ and Australia without issue, and also includes a chute for long timber.

We also have speciality splitters like the Posch Autologger 420 Kindling Machine that can transform poor quality wood into excellent kindling or firewood. This is ideal to combine with a conveyor belt to completely automate the process of making low-quality timber into high-grade firewood.

Firewood Saws

When it comes to firewood saws, you want one that will cut down extra work to increase your processing capacity and efficiency. The Posch Tilting Saw can cut wood as fast as you can ready it with its WIDIA saw blade and increases safety with the optional safety handle. For automatic cutting, the Posch SmartCut does tool-less adjustment of timber length, has automatic feeding, and ensures that accidentally touching the blade during operation is impossible.

As good as the equipment is, it will eventually run into some hiccups when the saws start to dull. We recommend getting a few extra Posch Saw Blades to have on standby to help keep your operations seamless. Our saw blade range includes multiple blade types designed to maximise performance for specific jobs.

Firewood Processors

One of the best ways to speed up the processing of firewood is by getting a dedicated firewood processor that automates all of the steps you need. These all-in-one machines can handle cuttings, splitting, and loading in a single cycle and include saws, splitters, and conveyor belts.

Optional accessories can increase efficiency even more, such as the tractor chassis that makes setup and movement a breeze. With all of our processors, safeguards ensure the blades can’t be accessed while the equipment is running to help reduce any workplace mishaps.

Other Firewood Equipment

To accompany our firewood equipment, we have all sorts of accessories to make things easier. This includes helpful equipment like log tables, post peelers, chip extraction units, and more. We even have a Posch PackFix that makes wrapping and storage of firewood quick, automatic, and easy. Ask us if you’re looking for firewood accessories to speed up part of the process and we’ll see if we have something in stock to help!

Tough machines, easy shipping

As with everything at Peak Equipment, we don’t want you to get bogged down by shipping issues that would stop you from getting equipment to make your job easier. That’s why we can arrange delivery to even the most remote location in the country through our efficient freight logistics team. Whether you need firewood equipment, new accessories for your farm, or anything else we offer, you’ll get unbeatable service and value that won’t be matched. Contact us today with any questions or to make an order.