Industrial Quality at a Farmer’s Price

When it comes to farming efficiently, your equipment can make the difference between the job taking a few hours and a few days. At Peak Equipment, we bring over 50 years of farming experience and expertise to the table to provide top-quality farming equipment that you can count on to work hard when you need it most

With the government’s recent change to low-value asset depreciation in response to COVID-19, businesses can buy assets of up to $5000 for immediate deduction – an increase from $500. This increase is only available until 17 March 2021, meaning now is the best time to invest in quality farm assets. At Peak Equipment, we sell the highest quality farm equipment that is long-lasting, versatile, and affordable so that you can have the best for your farm.

Equipment that’s made better

Our goal is to provide you with the best equipment in the business, which is why we decided on partnering with Igland for our pallet forks, grapples, bale grabs, and bale handlers. Sourced all the way from Norway on the other side of the world, all of these products are manufactured using European steel, which has proven durability to last longer than steel from other countries. Igland products are also euro-engineered to outlast the competition. This means you get the latest designs that are more efficient and last longer than other brands.

Bale grabs and handlers

Igland bale grabs are compact and fit between bales tightly for easier bale lifting and depositing. The low-profile grab can be locked to help with handling plastic, and also has the option of a mounting bracket for loaders. The Euro mount makes them simple to add or remove easily so you can swap equipment quickly.

Bale handlers use a hydraulic cylinder and can lift plastic-wrapped bales without damaging the wrapping. The rollers can also be converted into spears to handle two bales at the same time depending on how many bales you need to feed out to your stock.

Bale grabs include the straightforward RBG 150 and RBG 150 X2, and we also have the RBH 120 Round Bale Handler for single bales or the RBH X2 200 that can lift multiple bales simultaneously. Starting at $2995+GST, you’ll quickly earn your money back from time saved out in the paddock.

Pallet forks

Igland pallet forks have a low profile and a high lifting capacity. These pallet forks are rated to lift up to 2500 kg but handle smaller loads just as well. They make use of a quick-release snap-lock and can fit a wide range of loaders. Our Igland pallet forks start at just $1785+GST.


The GR 20 Grapple is a multi-function grapple by Igland. When you need to lift something difficult like rocks, timber, or other awkward objects, this grapple makes quick work of the job. At only $2965+GST, the GR 20 Grapple is a solid investment that will increase your efficiency for years to come.

Industrial quality at a farmer’s price

At Peak Equipment, we believe that farmers should have industrial-grade equipment, without the hefty price tag. Our goal is to provide this industrial quality at a farmer’s price. That’s why we can ship for a flat rate of $99+GST to anywhere in NZ. Our goal is to see your farm become more efficient, and we’ll do what we can to help. Our prices and freight are competitive so that you can order the equipment you need, get it fast, and at a price you can afford.

Get in touch with us today to check your options and how we can work with you to get the equipment you need.