Igland GR 20 Grapple

Best selling strong and versatile Grapple

Igland GR 20 Grapple

At a glance

The GR 20 is a strong and versatile grapple. With 7 tons of clamping pressure so nothing can escape its grasp and recommended 2 tons lifting capacity. The grapple can be used for many different purposes and is perfectly suited for lifting timber, rocks, and other different materials. The GR 20 is a very affordable multipupose grapple that makes hard work easier and safer for all farmers and their staff. Very well proven in New Zealand conditions from one end of the country to the other. It stands proudly upright when not in use and different hitch options availble.

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  • Maximum opening of the grapple: 103 cms
  • Weight: 145 kgs
  • Construction: 10 and 15mm steel
  • Supplied with EuroHitch as standard