SpaltFix K-440 Multi Mobile

The professional split cutter

SpaltFix K-440 Multi Mobile

At a glance

  • Cuts, splits and loads in one easy work cycle with 2-hand joystick
  • Can split up to 12-way in each cycle by way of a hydraulically adjustable 3 in 1 special knife.
  • Hydraulic chain and blade tensioning for precision cutting
  • Processes up to 20 loose cubic meters per hour at 33cm lenthg
  • Roller conveyor and timber manipulator for constant processing speed
  • Numerous special and accessory equipment for loading and charging

About Posch...


  • Splitting Power: 18 T
  • Maximum Log Diameter: 45 cm
  • Billet Length: 50
  • Maximum Splitting Speed: 22 cm/s
  • Maximum Return Speed: 31 cm/s
  • Sawing System: Harvester SuperCut Chain Saw 57 cm
  • Various drive and chassis options
  • Control System: Mechanical/Hydraulic
  • Weight: 3.3 to 4.4 T