AutoSplit 350

The automatic kindling machine for professional use

AutoSplit 350

At a glance

  • New product just released onto the market
  • Big brother to the Autosplit 250 with twice the splitting power
  • Can be used with a mobile conveyor belt
  • 3-5 second splitting cycle
  • Long timber feed chute to allow for continuous work flow
  • Processes square or round blocks
  • Loose or stacked bags
  • Variable infeed speed to produce kindling or firewood
  • X shaped splitting blade

About Posch...


  • Splitting Power: 10 T
  • Maximum Wood Length: 25-33 cm
  • Maximum Wood Diameter: 35 cm
  • Maximum Production: 2 cubic metres per hour
  • Bags per Hour: up to 100
  • Weight: 850 kg
  • Drive Types: PTO, E motor, Petrol or Combination