About Swingtrac

Swingtrac system makes it easier to manoeuvre in rough terrain

About Swingtrac

Swingtrac System

A unique system for easier manoeuvrability where logs and rocks may be an obstacle for a timber trailer.

  • SWINGTRAC-SYSTEM is a uniquely composed product which makes it easier to manoeuvre in tough terrain, where logs and rocks may be an obstacle for a timber trailer. The SWINGTRAC system makes it possible to creep through the terrain, using a powerful push effect (3-4T) that comes from locking the rear wheels on the trailer, combined with the hydraulic steering on the bogie. This makes it easier to steer clear from obstacles and helps manoeuvring in difficult terrains, as well as making it easy to follow tractor tracks. The swing technique can also be used to press the wheels over obstacles.
  • LONG DISTANCE BETWEEN BOGIE-CENTRE AND PROTECTION GRIND gives maximum weight transfer to the tractor. This increases accessibility. The long distance is made possible because of the trailers unique swing system.
  • CENTRE OF GRAVITY IS NOT OFFSET by swing in the bogie, and you avoid falling over by turning in side hill slopes.
  • SOVEREIGN MANEUVERABILITY when you use the bogie’s smooth turn technique. Ideal when turning and reversing on thinning stands or on tight tractor tracks.
  • DISC BRAKES for good brake effect, reliability, and minimal maintenance. The brakes are located on the rear wheels to increase stability and safety when braking in sloping terrain.
  • HYDRAULIC LAVETT OUTRIGGERS gives a wide and stable support during crane operation. Outriggers can be pushed under surface level if necessary, they have a nonslip foot that gives the crane solid support in all directions and for all operations. In a raised position, the outriggers have an excellent ground clearance and have minimal impact on sight. The cranes can also be mounted on the tractors 3-point mount.

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