SpaltFix S-415 Multi

The compact firewood processor with WIDIA log saw blade

SpaltFix S-415 Multi

At a glance

The MULTI talent: More billets without knife change.

Compact design for cutting, splitting and loading with the WIDIA saw blade and the MULTI splitting system.

SpaltFIx S-415 Multi turns logs with a max. diameter of 41 cm into 2, 6 or 12 billets per work cycle – without time-consuming knife change.

WIDIA saw blade has a high service life and endurance.

Hydraulic log gripper safely holds the log during the cutting process.

Cut logs are trasnported into the splitter chamber via the hydraulically operated wood rocker.

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  • 41cm log Ø max.
  • 18 t splitting power max.
  • 12 billets per work cycle max.
  • 100cm diameter WIDIA saw blade
  • Automated central lubrication
  • Turbo package
  • PTO or PTO/Electric drive options