The vertical splitter from entry level to professional use


At a glance

  • Two-part splitting knife or timber retaining tip to hold timber in place
  • Quality hydraulic system for reduced maintenance cost
  • Automatic splitting speed for maximum performance
  • Integrated rollers in splitting knife to prevent jamming
  • Standard log lifting device upgradable to hydraulic with optional winches
  • Over 40 different machines to fulfil all requirements
  • Chassis and Turbo models available
  • Wide variety of special and accessory equipment

About Posch...


  • Splitting Power: 10 to 26T depending on model
  • Maximum Billet Length: 110 cm
  • Maximum Cylinder Stroke: 100 cm
  • Maximum Splitting Speed 2 step: 10-12/19-32 (depending on model)
  • Maximum Return Speed: 17 - 28 cm/s
  • Weight: 310 to 705 kg
  • Drive Types: PTO, E motor, Petrol or Combination