Black Splitter SB

Planetary Geared Cone Splitter 3-12T

Black Splitter SB

At a glance

The Black Splitter SB cone splitter is designed for carrier vehicles weighing from 3 to 12 metric tons.

The combination of its light weight design and high torque output enables splitting of particularly difficult and fibrous wood, e.g. Poplar, even with smaller carriers.

For much larger carrier vehicles, either the Black Splitter SBX (12 to 28 metric tons) or the Black Splitter SBXX (25 to 40 metric tons) is ideally suited for effective and efficient splitting of extreme timber.

Delivered without excavator bracker and hydraulic hoses.

About Black Splitter...


  • Weight: 270 kg
  • Hydraulic Motor: planetary gears
  • Torque: Max 12000 Nm
  • Motor Shaft: 100 mm diameter, bearing mounted and sealed


  • chromium-steel
  • quadruple helical thread
  • 300 mm dia
  • 2 pieces
  • 48 mm thread pitch