SpaltFix S-415 Vario

The variable firewood processor with WIDIA saw blade

SpaltFix S-415 Vario

At a glance

  • Simple controlling of all processes with tried-and-tested joystick solution
  • Professional log feed ensures continuous charging
  • PowerCut sawing unit with WIDIA high-performance saw blade
  • Smooth transfer of logs to the splitting process
  • The AutoSplit 415 delivers firewood and neat kindling
  • Fast and efficient for more profitable processing

About Posch...


  • Splitting Power: 12 T
  • Maximum Log Diameter: 41 cm
  • 25 billets per work cycle max
  • Billet length 12-33cm
  • Variable billet edge 4-15cm
  • 100cm diameter WIDIA saw blade