The innovation firewood wrapping and storage solution


At a glance

  • Air-permeable mesh for optimum drying
  • Product is stored on wooden pallets for clean dry firewood
  • Sturdy packs of firewood can be stacked on top of each other
  • Larger drum model available for 2 loose cubic meter storage
  • Hydraulic tilting table facilitates filing and wrapping at the same time for even more output
  • Can be used with standard pallets

About Posch...


  • Maximum Billet Length: 50
  • Maximum Storage: 1.6 loose or 2 loose cubic meters
  • Drum Size: 120cm Diameter x 145cm High
  • Transportation: Stationary, Mobile or Universal
  • Weight: 540 to 680 kg
  • Drive Types: PTO, E motor, Petrol Hydraulic or Combination