SpaltFix K-710 A-Vario - NEW PRODUCT

Automatically processes logs up to 70 cm in diameter to high-quality firewood

SpaltFix K-710 A-Vario - NEW PRODUCT

At a glance

This new firewood processor automatically cuts and splits firewood up to a log diameter of 70 cm all at the push of a button.

The log is transported to the saw unit by the hydraulic controlled front feed and measured by two optical sensors in the process which allows the system to cut logs so that no wood is wasted.

The cutting and splitting process can be controlled at the push of a button.

Many extras available.

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  • For log diameters of up to 70 cm
  • Max. log length: 6 m
  • Feeding device for optimal loading
  • SuperCut cutting unit with harvester chainsaw (90 cm length)
  • Cuts logs to a length of 20-50 cm (with OnlyCut function: 10-50 cm)
  • Control of loading & automatic on the control panel or via radio remote control
  • X-shaped splitting knife
  • 19T splitting power
  • Optical sensor on buffer belt: fully automatic splitting process (stops when no log sections are detected)
  • Stepless feeding device
  • Desired billet size adjustable: Edge length of 5 – 15 cm