Frequently Asked Questions

Igland Products

How much to ship GR20 Grapple, RBG150 Bale Grabs or PF115 Pallet Forks around NZ?

Our standard freight cost is $99 + GST anywhere around NZ to PBT or Farmlands depot, or if you are local you can call in and pick them up or we can deliver in Southland.

Where can I get the best deal on lifting attachments?

As Peak Equipment are agents and direct importers, there is no middle man so we can give you the best deal. Peak Equipment are card partners with both Farmlands and Ruralco.

How strong are your bale clamps?

Our supply partner Igland has been manufacturing products from steel for 70 plus years. European steel is stronger and has a lower moisture content than steel from other countries.

What hitches does your attachments come with?

We supply JD Euro/Quick Hitch as standard with our attachments as this is the most commonly used hitch in New Zealand. Other hitch options i.e. Pearson or MX are available on enquiry.

Why buy Igland products?

All Igland products are CE certified which means they meet or exceed New Zealand standards for strength and safety.

What is the warranty?

All Igland products come with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty which we manage at Peak Equipment in New Zealand.

Posch Firewood Equipment

What is the fastest firewood processor?

Posch Firewood Processors have extremely high outputs from 15m3 to 45m3 per hour. This is achieved by very quick cut/split cycle times – even less than 3 seconds.

What is the quickest and easiest way to dry firewood?

The Posch PackFix system palletises and wraps firewood in a breathable membrane dramatically increasing drying times while reducing storage space and handling.

Why should I clean firewood?

Using a Posch LogFix system to remove dirt/debris from your product increases air gaps allowing for better airflow and therefore reducing drying time. This also produces a premium product for your client.

How safe are firewood processors?

Posch Firewood Processors are manufactured to strict CE standards which meet or exceed NZ/AS standards. Compliance is obtained by using hydraulic valves, not low voltage sensors which have a tendency to malfunction. Posch machines are delivered fully factory pressure tested and assembled for an easy and quick set up to enable firewood to be processed in no time at all.

What happens if it breaks down?

Peak Equipment carry all service and wear and tear parts in New Zealand for immediate despatch. We also offer a Hydraulic Specialist and Electrical phone consultation service to our clients.

How long will my firewood equipment last?

With regular maintenance, your Posch firewood machine will last for years. Posch back this up with a guaranteed 20 years spare parts availability.

What is better – circular or chain saw?

Other than a daily visual check, a saw blade processor is extremely efficient. Our clients are producing 750-1000m3 of firewood before their bade requires resharpening at approximately $150.

What is the most powerful firewood splitter?

Posch machines are extremely powerful and have proved that in Australasia by cutting and splitting all timber types. Posch rate the splitting force of their splitters as the lowest tonnage the machine is constantly doing - not the maximum as some other manufacturers. Tonnage increases as required by the use of high quality double stage hydraulic pumps.

What is better – electric, PTO or dual power options?

Different power options are available for different situations as no operation is the same.