Black Splitter SG3

Hydraulic cone splitter

Black Splitter SG3

At a glance

Our excavator splitters allow all weather-independent working without much physical effort.

Simple to mount on all excavators in the 1 to 12 metric ton weight class, our excavator splitters enable rapid processing on large or small timber.

About Black Splitter...


  • Weight: 370 - 410 kg
  • Hydraulic motor: optional with max torque 4020 Nm
  • Drive shaft: 100 mm dia, bearing-mounted and sealed
  • Hydraulic cylinder: 4 x 3500 kg compressive force
  • Grapple: hardox-steel with steel teeth


  • Chromium-steel
  • Double shear thread
  • 245 mm dia
  • 2 pieces
  • 24 mm thread pitch