SpaltFix K-415 Mobile

The mobile firewood processor with professional chainsaw

SpaltFix K-415 Mobile

At a glance

The SpaltFix K-415 firewood processor with chainsaw is the ideal firewood processor for communities and firewood producers.

Hydraulically driven log feed is easy to control using a 1-hand joystick.

Logs are cut to a length of 20-50cm by a professional chainsaw and dropped into the splitting chamber via the automated wood rocker.

The firewood is loaded via the attached conveyor belt and can be freed of splinters by the optional screen.

The longitudinal chassis allows the firewood processor to be transported on roads with log feeding system also available on wheels.

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  • Log diameter up to 41 cm
  • Adjustable billet length
  • Cutting system professional chainsaw 53 cm
  • Hydraulic saw feed system with automated stop ventilation and downholder function
  • 4-way splitting wedge as standard with 6, 8 and 12 way as optional extraz
  • 15T splitting forece
  • Stamp advance/return speed max. 32/35 cm/s with Autospeed
  • Various chassis options